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Mythical Motors / Antlered Auntlord
MC $7.50



***Split cassettes offer up a two-for-one listening experience. When done right, the listener is rewarded with not one but two great records, and hopefully they will have two new favorite bands in the process. We think that’s the case with our newest release, a split cassette between lo-fi rockers Mythical Motors and long-time label associate Antlered Auntlord. We’re pleased to have Chattanooga’s Mythical Motors gracing our roster. The four-piece band has built up a satisfying discography of their distinct, heartfelt lo-fi rock. Nominally drawing on the sound of 90s indie-rock, there’s a more classic rock vibe to the ten songs they present, a power-pop sweet spot that’s reminiscent of Cheap Trick (and The Raspberrie, And while Guided By Voices comparisons are par for the course, impressively the songs that most recall them sound more inspired by Tobin Sprout than Bob Pollard. Mostly, though, Mythical Motors sound like Mythical Motors—and the songs featured here are easily among their best. The other side of the tape belongs to beloved HHBTM alum Antlered Auntlord, the project of Jesse Stinnard. While Mythical Motors specializes in melodic, mellow rock, Stinnard turns in ten songs of reckless, rambling, and raucous abandon. Part catchy indie rock, punk-rock abandon, part clever Beck-like lo-fi ramble, part hip-hop weirdness, Antlered Auntlord doesn’t sit still. Yet it all works; Stinnard’s side is fast paced and unpredictable and nothing less than an enjoyable listen. It’s quickly become one of our favorite collections of Stinnard’s muse. Edition of 150.