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Baba’s Mountain


Baba’s Mountain

CD $13.00

04/25/2005 607287007526 

BMR 075 CD 

***The power of The Apes is unleashed on the new classic blitz Baba’s Mountain. The merging of the rage and energy of their live shows - also known as massive riffage - with studio wizardry began with last year’s Tapestry Mastery. As always, a visionary epic story links it all together. You gotta have a visionary epic story. Without that, why bother? Baba’s Mountain rocks, grooves, and takes you on a ride. Figure it out! 
• Engineered by Jonathan Krelnick (Trans Am, !!!) and Jason Kirker (Modey Lemon) 
• Mixed by B. Laswell / T. Waits engineer Oz Fritz 
• 16-page fold-out, full-color booklet 
• Full American tour 
• National press and radio campaigns around record release and tours 
• For fans of DC underground rock, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Oneida, Modey Lemon 
• File under: alternative rock, underground power, kick ass, dark and grooving 
• No exports outside North America