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Science Faire
3X7" $20.25

01/20/2017 647603396675 

CHK 7019 

The Elephant 6 Collective’s family tree is beyond diverse. The first seed to take hold was E6-001, the 1993 self-titled EP (referred to by fans as the Tidal Wave EP) by The Apples in Stereo, then known simply as The Apples. It was recorded and produced on four-track cassette by Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider, who would soon apply his genius to the records by Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Minders, Beulah, and countless others in the E6 pantheon. 
In 1994, the renamed Apples In Stereo released a subsequent EP on the Bus Stop Label along with a peppering of seven-inch split singles before their first full length, Fun Trick Noisemaker, came out in 1995. The band has consistently stated that vinyl is the primary medium for, in the words of the Summer 1993 E6 catalog, their “dense chiming classic pop... soaked in fuzz.” 
Long out of print, Science Faire collects these earliest recordings as originally released, how meant to be heard: on seven-inch vinyl! Complete with posters, stickers and books, Science Faire has been lovingly reproduced. Each side stretches to the sonic limit with maximum music per side, just as with the originals. 
And as with the original 1996 pressing of this collection, there is never-before-seen artwork (for the “Time for Bed” single) from the early ’90s by Elephant 6 co-founder W. Cullen Hart of The Olivia Tremor Control. As a bonus, the track “Onto Something” is included here which wasn’t included on the original release.

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