Helen Money Arriving Angels


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Label # PFL 110UPC 616892097648
Street DateFebruary 5th, 2013
Label # UPC 616892097648
Street DateFebruary 5th, 2013

Avant-classical virtuoso cellist Alison Chesley created the Helen Money moniker to showcase her compositions and uncommon approach to her instrument; Arriving Angels is her third full-length album and one of the most intriguing Profound Lore releases to date. Recorded, engineered and mixed by the iconic Steve Albini at Electrical Audio and featuring Neurosis drummer Jason Roeder on four tracks, Arriving Angels is a unique opus that mixes classical composition and progressive, dirge-like metal, performed almost entirely on the cello. Aside from her solo work, Chesley has played on more than 100 albums with artists like Bob Mould, Disturbed, Anthrax, Broken Social Scene, Yakuza, Russian Circles and Archer Prewitt, and was part of the acoustic rock duo Verbow, releasing two albums on Epic Records in the ’90s. She has also composed music for film and dance, including the soundtrack to the award-winning documentary Indestructible. As Helen Money, Chesley has opened for bands as diverse as Mono, Earth, The Bad Plus and Nina Nastasia, and toured the US and Europe extensively with Albini’s Shellac.


  1. #1 Rift
  2. #2 Upsetter
  3. #3 Beautiful Friends
  4. #4 Radio Recorders
  5. #5 Midwestern Nights Dream
  6. #6 Arriving Angels
  7. #7 Shrapnel
  8. #8 Runout
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