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LP $19.25



***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Note new price. “Another Texan proving that the sun can do some serious DAMAGE. Ex-NECESSARY EVILS, FIREWORKS, A FEAST OF SNAKES guitar slinger proves he was the noise-minded one behind all those Nineties ITR records. Oh my. It plays like a Greatest Hits package of the intros & segues on the Sicko Inside Me LP, but fleshed out to the max. Mostly (but not all) instrumental and dealing in arid tumbleweed lore and sci-fi rotgut seizures, MANHUNT gives JAMES a reason to get all schnockered up and expel his inner demons via 4-track. Just in time for Halloween, no less. The songs with vocals (like ‘The Cougar’) lean towards Adkins-ian hillbilly, but with the added flavor of an even outer-outside mind. Maybe not that out. The chicken has been left by the curb. A smashed southern R&B and garage sound in the same vein as his recent namesake singles or 68’ Comeback…if they was NUTS. During ‘Strong Back’ ya’d think Jeffrey Evans was being cattle prodded to yarble at the mic. The weird punk western within hints at elements of lost Morricone scores, surfin’ Smegma, late-era Savage Republic, and even some subdued Caroliner Rainbow thanks to a banjo sproutin’ up. ‘Bango’ is built around the Johnny Cash ‘Folk Singer’ rhythm and then all fucked up upon real good. A whack-a-doo cover of Simply Saucer’s ‘Low Profile’ nestles nicely into the mix. Messy and fun all around. Not sure how many of these are (or will be) pressed…it’s coming from Australia. Cover illustration is amazing….and sums up the feeling within pretty damn good. Headscratcher of 2009, next to that Factorymen record. This CDr (100 made) is what he was tossing around these parts during Budget Rock. All you had to do was compare Black Flag tattoos to get one! Sucka.” (RSF)

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