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LP $13.00

05/26/2009 721616800210 

SPIN 002 

Upon its original release in 2005, the split LP by doom heavyweights Graves at Sea and Asunder was immediately hailed as the greatest doom split LP of all time. It captures both bands at their pinnacle and in fact turned out to be the swan song for the revered Graves at Sea. The original 20 Buck Spin vinyl release, featuring the captivating artwork of David D'Andrea, sold out within a few months and has been unavailable since except from eBay opportunists. 
20 Buck Spin has been harassed constantly about repressing this LP ever since it went out of print over three years ago. Finally, the time has come to make this milestone release available again. Graves at Sea's side features the two strongest and well produced tunes they unleashed in their short lifespan. "Pariah" is one of the best, heaviest doom tracks ever recorded, with its warm wall of down-tuned Orange amplification, lumbering pace, and black-bile vokillz; "Reclamation" is another ten-minute marathon of treacherous, monolithic riffs and banshee screams. 
Asunder's track, "Whited Sepulcher," came as the immediate follow-up to their stunning, landmark A Clarion Call album, widely recognized as their most essential work. This track follows on that album's monumentally heavy, but always structured and memorable approach. Highlighting influences like early Peaceville Records doom and covering it in the filth that only Oakland can harness, "Whited Sepulcher" is approximately 20 minutes of funereal doom that churns the bowls and empties the tear ducts all at once. If you're happy, leave now.

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