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Where All Hope Fades


Where All Hope Fades

Dark Descent
CD $12.00

08/16/2019 827166501727 

DDR 184 CD 

MC $9.25


DDR 184 MC 

With a certain maturity and poise, a sense of deep-set misery almost pushes the record into death-doom territory. Almost...but not quite. The sound remains tensely energetic, albeit with a sense of space, time and songcraft which is more impressive than ever. 
Gruesomely textured wraith-like melodies intertwine monstrously hammering double-bass rhythms, the delicate interplay of guitar harmonies threading a perfect line between devious subtlety and straight-ahead bludgeon. 
Perhaps above all else, the gasping tortured vocals imbue a horrific terror upon the listener. It is the sum of all parts which so masterfully elevate Ataraxy above their peers. Few others have scaled such heights; in this timeless classic we witness a band enter the pantheon of death metal royalty.

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