Mugstar Axis


Formats Available

Label # AGIT 019UPC
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013
Label # AGIT 019 CDUPC 5060174954320
Street DateDecember 4th, 2012
Label # UPC 5060174954320
Street DateDecember 4th, 2012

Axis is Mugstar’s long awaited fifth full length album - an expansive collection of songs that take the listener on a journey. The destination is not important it’s all about the journey - travelling through different movements, diverse colours and sounds picking up from where Lime left us in August 2011. From the dark brooding (‘Black Fountain’) to the elevating (‘Tangerina’), the cylindrical (‘Axis Modulator’) and the sonic mantra (‘Upturnsidedown’) Axis showcases a more diverse MUGSTAR whilst retaining their unmistakeable sonic wall of sound. Albeit mainly instrumental, theres a real psychedelic groove that emanates from the kraut-rock inspired sounds of this record, it will shake you down in the same way the first time you copped earfuls of Oneida, Neu!, Loop, Wooden Shjips, Bardo Pondo and even a puff of Hawkwind.


  1. #1 Black Fountain
  2. #2 Hollow Ox
  3. #3 Tangerina
  4. #4 In Earth
  5. #5 Axis Modulator
  6. #6 Upturnsidedown
  7. #7 Vehicles of Spain
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