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Live Zebulon
2XLP $28.00

09/16/2022 733102725617 

CF 146 

MP3 $9.90

09/16/2022 733102725617 

CF 146 

FLAC $11.99

09/16/2022 733102725617 

CF 146 

“Recorded at Zebulon in Los Angeles as a warm-up show for a show I had booked in Holland. What was meant to be a jumping point for the ‘first show’ ended up being a real burning set. A slightly more stripped-down version on the ten piece band [Bent Arcana] (for sake of ease) keeps it nice and concise. Nerves sometimes bring out these little lost jewels of which this recording is full of…gotta love improvisation for fleeting moments. 

“Recorded super-hot by none other than our sound person Liza Boldyreva. Selections of songs from Bent Arcana and Moon-Drenched—cockpit stoned space jazz here you come. Mixed by John Dwyer and mastered by JJ Golden. This hunky double disk sports a zoetropic screen-printed animation of the Death’s Head moth circling on its D side that works with a strobe light off yer phone...fucking cool. Fucking hot. Dig in and be well. ” —John Dwyer 


  1. #1 The Gate (Live)

  2. #2 Misanthrope Gets Lunch (Live)

  3. #3 Oblivion Sigil (Live)

  4. #4 The War Clock (Live)

  5. #5 Psychic Liberation (Live)

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