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LP $23.75

08/28/2015 781484062615 

DC 626 

MC $8.50


DC 626 CS 

***NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY, like their partners in time BITCHIN BAJAS, live their days in flow motion. Rhythms come and go, instruments sound as a means to a greater end. Their debut convergence, Automaginary, feels as natural as it does inevitable. Both groups were first heard in 2010, both emerging from solo endeavors that accessed a vastness, more room than a single player might ultimately fill—a place then for fellow travelers! JOSHUA ABRAMS, a questing bassist and improviser by trade, with an extensive discography of solo recordings and collaborations with a wide variety of artists, formed Natural Information Society as a conduit for the live presentation o f his guimbri music. Abrams had delved into the sound of the three-stringed Gnawan lute on his own, intrigued by the instrument’s ability to provide melodic and rhythmic direction with a minimal, hypnotic palette. Known for the drone also are Bitchin Bajas. Both Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas are in pursuit of the unconscious in their musical expression, and through their independent methods, both have ridden the wind to unseen places, using the playing as the carpet that will take them there. LPs packaged in silkscreened jackets with art from LISA ALVARADO.