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Endless Coming Into Life

Black Boned Angel

Endless Coming Into Life

20 Buck Spin
CD $12.00

08/26/2008 721616802320 

SPIN 023 

MP3 $9.90



Campbell Kneale, of prolific one-man bliss drone project Birchville Cat Motel, returns to his metallic alter-ego Black Boned Angel.  
Both projects chase a similar idea from different ends of the spectrum. The Endless Coming Into Life is Kneale's third full-length release as Black Boned Angel (in addition to a slew of CDR EPs), all released by 20 Buck Spin. This work is perhaps Kneale's most obvious combination of the extreme minimalism of his ambient tendencies and the extreme maximalism of his forays into the center of the subterranean metal guitar riff. The album first lulls one into a meditative state of relative calm before plummeting into the chasm created by the vibrations of a single, snarling riff so heavy it could rip a hole in the heavens.  
Consisting of a sole one-hour track, The Endless Coming Into Life sits comfortably alongside the darker end of Kneale's ever-growing catalog of work dedicated to finding the light (or dark) source of the universal drone.


  1. #1 Endless Coming Into Life


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