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Sincerely, Black Lipstick

Black Lipstick

Sincerely, Black Lipstick

CD $9.50

03/08/2005 655035021522 

boo 1215CD 

MP3 $0.00



***Both an open letter and a tribute to a profound, human experience, the aptly titled Sincerely, Black Lipstick explores the passing of loved ones. Sincerely also retains and reinforces many of the traditional values Black Lipstick upholds, like living for the moment 
and appreciating it more than most. Listen to the swelling, crashing crescendos at the end of "All Night Long Forever"-- one can't help but flick one's Bic. Other highlights include the bombastic, driving "Bob Fosse," a life-affirming celebration that would definitely have Tom Cruise sliding around on a hardwood floor in his underwear. 
Having grown musically and emotionally, Black Lipstick has recorded an album that is more confident, emotional and personal than ever before. The most notable difference between this and previous releases is the increased presence of renaissance elf Steven Garcia, who set aside his bass and stepped to the mic and guitar to contribute three songs and majestic riffage. Nowhere 
does he shine more brightly than on "Grandma Airplane," which boasts some of the most intricate, dense guitar layering on the record. Yes, Black Lipstick loves ZZ Top and the Fucking Champs-- plop that shit in the blender, sparkie. 
Black Lipstick has been widely lauded by the independent press for raunchy riffs, tasteful beats, a four octave monotone and clever lyrical wit, centered on topics which seemed important at the time. Some stoner dude from a liberal arts college once said they sound like a cross between the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, The Clean and The Feelies on acid, while having Tom Verlaine and Moe Tucker's Modern Love child. Don't laugh; the dirthead now pulls down close to two mil a year at one of Austin's top advertising firms. 

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