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Skin Of Evil
LP $16.00



CD $13.75

03/24/2009 656605955926 

SAB 31 

BLACKOUT BEACH is the solo nom de guerre of CAREY MERCER (FROG EYES/SWAN LAKE). Skin of Evil is remarkable in the sense that A.) it contains a story, and B.) that it sticks to the story; a rare occurrence in these free times. "Donna" is the subject, and each of her lovers (past & present) say their peace in song (Donna gets her song, too). Composed, played and recorded entirely by Mercer alone, these songs revel in the proto-punk darkness of the heady Cleveland axis (e.g. Peter Laughner, David Thomas) with a minimal, textural and almost Suicide-ish sense of pop form and the experimental nature of contemporary Scott Walker works.