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Pinball Summer (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Boivin, Jay & Germain Gauthier

Pinball Summer (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mighty Mouth Music
LP $19.25

09/16/2016 0664992476221 

MMM 019 

***"A cynical studio synthesis of the best pop of the late last decade—Sparks, Nick Lowe, Dwight Twilley, Todd Rundgren—updated with all the right New Wave and Palovian power pop flourishes—20/20, Shoes, Cars, Cheap Trick—guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard. The work of studio musician and composer tandem JAY BOIVIN and GERMAIN GAUTHIER who have really done their homework with dumber-than-dumb lyrics and hooks bigger than some of the holes in this movie’s almost perfunctory plot. You’d be forgiven for mistaking the title track for a lost Speedies cut or ‘Summer Girls’ for the ultimate, sell-out 10cc soft-rocker. There’s rockers as well, like the Raspberries-styled ode to the blonde, high-waisted-jean-and-no-bra-wearing female character ‘Sally Joy,’ which wonderfully and mindlessly rhymes the words ‘chance,’ ‘dance’ and ‘pants’ in a verse that rivals the early Beach Boys. I’d also like to imagine some prospective, post-prom stud putting on ‘Voyeur’s Motel’ as he starts up his father’s car and his date melting in the passenger seat."