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Box Of Rhymes

Hip Hop Is Music
CD $12.00

11/21/2006 619981212625 

HHIM 0708 CD 

Prolific hip hop emcee and producer BRAILLE returns with a brand new solo album. Box of Rhymes represents Braille's most current and personal recordings available. These songs were created during a time where he and his wife (of 4 years) just moved into their first home and were expecting their first child. The time was very inspirational and motivational. Braille was also in the process of launching hip hop Is Music as an official record label and touring all over the world through Japan, Europe, Canada and the US as a solo artist (opening for James Brown, Juice, Casual, De La Soul, Gift of Gab and many more). Box of Rhymes is filled with visual story telling, rapid-fire lyrics, personal insight, social commentary and multilayered concepts. Braille talks about life, God, art and much more from an honest perspective—sharing an authentic “true to himself” hip hop music experience.

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