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Emblamatic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructiors


Emblamatic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructiors

My Mind's Eye
CDR $6.00



***Dumb. No, dumber than that. Well, actuallly it's genius. 3 new tracks of metal doom death. Includes the 37-minute magnum crapus "Future Invasion Of Robotic Mayhem." Is it psychedelic? Is it Space Doom? Is it Modern Composition meets Musique Concrete? Is it fun? It sure is Heavy Metal! All from the sick minds of FOOD FORTUNATA (SOCKEYE, THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS, LETTUCE VULTURES, TOUGHSKINS, TV WATCHERS, Z.A.T.H. and a few hundred more) and MATT "POOPU NECROPNDE" LINDSAY (Sockeye, BOY IN LOVE, THE BRIDES, BRODY'S MILITIA, FOSSIL FUEL, HEP-Z, HYPER AS HELL, KILL THE HIPPIES, SHIT FRIED WALNUTS, SPASTIC AMOEBAS, ZITSQUATCH and a few hundred more). 200 copies made with full lyric sheet stuffed inside like a corpse in a burrito.

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