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Third Ear Music

Brother Jt

Third Ear Music

CD $13.00

08/14/2007 607287010120 

BMR 101 

There is only one Brother JT. Any psychedelic/garage/underground rock ’n’ roll enthusiast knows this man from Bethlehem who bangs to his own lysergic drum—the one who came from ’80s Back From The Grave revivalists The Original Sins and entered the solo world through the ultra-limited edition records on the now legendary Twisted Village label. Over the last three decades he has defined the underground aesthetic, and his new record finds him still in peak songwriting and recording form.  
Third Ear Candy, his latest release on Birdman Records, is danceable, trance-able, romance-able and oh-so-very hallucinatory (-able). This slab of digital wax has a little more moog than usual, a little more groove: “I am the blob and I’m here to save you from your problems, so give me a job,” JT suggests on the low-pulsing second track. And he means it. He can save you. He can plug electricity through an amplifier and fuzz your mind anytime. There is a reason why Arthur Magazine, Mojo, Ptolmeaic Terrescope, and hundreds of blogs call his name the defining voice of home-made psychedelia. He is that good and that consistent. 
With wonderful drawings by the Brother himself, Third Ear Candy will light your mind on fire. Pure and simple. It is time to testify. 
Give the guy a job.

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