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LP $17.75


DIG 008 

Buzzsaws is the debut album by BROWER, the solo project of NAT BROWER, resident of Ridgewood Queens and erstwhile NANCY and METALLEG compatriot, already championing the 
spirits and sounds of our most cherished Punk and Rock musical varietals the world over. After last spring’s Little Big EP, Brower is back, and the fire behind that ass is simply inextinguishable! Enter Buzzsaws—a glam’d-out glitter-bomb of fuzz guitars and giant vocal melodies within the Venn diagram of Bolan, Bowie and Brett (Smiley). Like Little Big, each song is jammed full of sugarcoated harmonies, laser-beam licks and unearthly hooks. Unlike Little Big, Brower shows his teeth on Buzzsaws—and they are gnarly, thanks to all the sugarcoated harmonies—with several dbs of gain and big city grit added to the mix. The Brower live show features members of DIRTY FENCES and VELVETEEN RABBIT.

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