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7" $9.25

09/06/2024 721616011371 

VIRUS 113 

What better time to resurrect and regurgitate one of the most extreme (and downright indefensible) releases in Alternative Tentacles history?

OG Grindcore/Death Metal to the max, here’s their second-ever, from ‘92. 

Whole concept at the time was one big celebration and tribute to those super-gory Mexican crime weeklies, like Alarma, Peligro and Alerta. Where do you think the cover came from??

Identities were secret, all lyrics en Espanol.  Rumors link some big names, from Fear Factory, Faith No More, Sepultura, and more...

Why the name? Besides the obvious "Witchcraft" translation, “Santeria = animal sacrifice, but Brujeria = human sacrifice!”

Or so they say.

Featuring 6 amazing tracks this is Mexican death grind at its best. Enjoy.