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Return To Hell
LP $23.50



***Burning Winds is a highly productive solo Black Metal concern of one Necrodan, owner of Necromantic Productions. Burning Winds rose from the ashes of First of the Fallen in 1997 and released their demo tape in 1999 limited to only 66 copies. Influences include Kreator, Sodom, Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Beherit, Blasphemy, Necrovore, Profanatica. Altar of the Goat demo was released in 2001 recorded in 2 days on Necromantic Productions limited to 100 copies, Blessed by Hell demo was released in 2002 on Satan's Millennium Records from the Netherlands limited to 200 copies recorded 10/13-31/01. Nocturnal Evil split 7" EP from 2010 on Baphometal Productions limited to 300 copies is the only Burning Winds release that was recorded with 2 session members one being Nunrapist (Wind of the Black Mountains, Masochist) on drums and Lord Klopek (Vladislas) backing vocals. The Misanthropy/Burning Winds/Kerberos - Where Darkness Reigns 3 way Split pro-printed booklet & on-CD printing. Co-released by Goat Productions, Necromantic Productions & Satan's Millennium Productions limited to 333 copies released in 2003. All releases are recorded using 1 microphone on a analog 4-track recorder using cassette tapes to keep the sound raw and underground the way Black Metal was meant to be. underground.

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