Lee, Chris Bury The Kings


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Label # VB 03UPC 655037000310
Street DateJuly 31st, 2012
Label # UPC 655037000310
Street DateJuly 31st, 2012

After an eight-year hiatus, Brooklyn-based, North Carolina-born singer and songwriter Chris Lee returns with his fourth LP. Produced by Steve Shelley and released on his new label Vampire Blues, Bury the Kings features Lee on guitar and vocals, Shelley on drums, David Nagler (Nova Social, John Wesley Harding and Jon Langford collaborator) on keyboards, and Texan brothers Aaron McClellan on bass and Joey McClellan on guitars.

The album was recorded and mixed by Ted Young at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ.


“Lee’s lyricism is genuinely poetic in the old-fashioned sense, as opposed to the indie-pop diary scribblings sense....”  —Phoenix New Times 

“... when he lifts into that liquid falsetto, he’s the most beautiful human in the room.”  —Chicago Reader


  1. #1 Antony Flew
  2. #2 Bonnie Brown Eyes
  3. #3 (I Love the Way You) Bring Me Down
  4. #4 Sadie
  5. #5 Bury the Kings
  6. #6 Aubade
  7. #7 Culloden
  8. #8 Don't Go Back Again
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