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Summer Romance
7" $5.75


SS 052 

***If this summer’s insane heat waves hasn’t warped you, CHINESE RESTAURANTS’ “feel good hit of the summer” will. When we last met the Restaurants they were hand in hand with sonic dadaist Mattin, debuting their “River of Shit” EP on the S.S. label. Now with the same irreverence but moving the music a bit left field, they turn out two unique slices of summer bread. On the surface you wouldn’t hear “Summer Romance” as a pop song, but let the needle ride and you will hear hooks galore, a tune that references sumemr classics by Television, ? and the Mysterians, Joy Division, Mungo Jerry, David Dundas, and others. The flip is a stirring rendition of the Mexican classic “Nunca Jamas”, a strum happy dirge that brings to mind The Ex and their take on folk songs from the Spanish Civil War. The Chinese Restaurants are from New York City and are helmed by LF RESTAURANT (aka ACULPULCO RODRIGUEZ) and KEITH RESTAURANT (nee REDGERSON) with assistance by BUNNYBRAIN MALCOLM TENT, KEMP BOYD and others. This is their second 7-inch. Edition of 300 copies.

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