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What’cha Gonna Do


What’cha Gonna Do

Lion Productions
LP $24.50

09/06/2019 778578310110 


***Official authorized reissue of the legendary psychedelic LP by Christopher from South Carolina. One of the absolute best American psychedelic LPs of the 1960’s, and one of the rarest—a copy went for close to $4,000 the last time an original copy sold online, and nearly double that changed hands off-line for an original! Every song is of the highest quality (all originals too), with an accessible sound the suggests that the band could have had more widespread success, had they ever made it out of their native South Carolina. Originally pressed in 1969 to use as a demo, the album is a mix of trippy lysergic lyrics with flanged vocals (among other effects), fine vocal harmonies, extended jamming, and a transcendent quality expressed with gutsy and creative guitar work. Includes a 12-page full-size booklet with rare photos, stories from the road and complete lyrics.