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Iv - Night Drive Original Soundtrack Recording


Iv - Night Drive Original Soundtrack Recording

Italians Do It Better
CD $7.50


006 CD 

***Italians Do It Better rolls on with their latest offering. Night Drive is the latest CHROMATICS tour CD turned-actual-release due to consumer demand. Like the After Dark compilation, the response was so great (thank you, Pitchfork), the label had to do a proper pressing. Like all IDIB releases, this one is limited (1,000 copies) and will probably not be repressed. Vinyl will be released sometime next year. Packaged in fold-out sleeves (like the After Dark comp).  
"... the transformation of Chromatics has been so effortless that it's still easy to be wowed by the results. But listeners who are only familiar with the band's forays into shambling punk will certainly be surprised by Night Drive's assured songwriting (which would wow even if the band had been chasing this narcotic Eurodisco sound for years) and how it wrings ravishment out of electro moves that should be long-drained of their charms."—Pitchfork


  1. #1 The Telephone Call

  2. #2 Night Drive

  3. #3 I Want Your Love

  4. #4 Running Up That Hill

  5. #5 The Killing Spree

  6. #6 Healer

  7. #7 Mask

  8. #8 Tomorrow Is So Far Away

  9. #9 Let’s Make This A Moment To Remember

  10. #10 Tick Of The Clock