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Th' Pig Kiss'd


Th' Pig Kiss'd

LP $17.25


CP 002 

***"The charming and courageous Chronophage return with their sophomore release Th'Pig'Kiss'd Album. From first listen you know you've found something special with this band; a slice of genuine heart and creativity that is rare in the modern age. They mix a blend of rock and roll and art punk all through a DIY lens—however, it's hard to measure them up against any band past or present, or to pin them to one specific style. And yet their distinct sound feels familiar and warm like a friend. You hear their music and you feel like you've known them, and that's the essence of Chronophage. With crisp production and unique instrumentation that bends and weaves it's way through songs, Th'Pig'Kiss'd Album climbs inside your heart and to the top of your 'album of the year' list."—Brendan Reichhardt