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A Descent Into Hell


A Descent Into Hell

Dark Descent
CD $12.00

08/02/2019 616822106921 

DDR 061 CD 

Rising from the depths of "The Windy City"; Chicago's finest death / doom threesome Cianide delivered its first death blow to the underground in 1992. After some initial praise from 1992's Dying Truth, Cianide assaulted eardrums with what many consider their finest hour, A Descent Into Hell. 
Pure, unadulterated death metal and almost twenty years after its initial issue; 1994's A Descent Into Hell is finally available on CD once again. Almost 80 minutes (includes 1993's Kills demo and two unreleased tracks) of true death metal that Cianide have been delivering for almost a quarter of a century. 
Don't miss your chance to grab this essential piece of U.S. death metal complete with original artwork. 
"Cianide plays TRUE death metal exclusively!"

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