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Climax Golden Twins
2XLP $46.85

12/16/2022 769791982499 

FBT 2022 LP 

***The first new Climax Golden Twins record in many years. Founded in 1993 by Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor, Climax Golden Twins is perhaps best known for the soundtrack to Session Nine (directed by Brad Anderson in 2001, original soundtrack on Milan International). CGT have released ambient recordings (Lovely on Anomalous Records), compilations of rare 78rpm shellac records (the Victrola Favorites book on Dust-to-Digital), field recording, collage, and musique concrète experiments (Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds on the Japanese Meme label), and instrumental rock, noise, and improv (5 Cents A Piece on Abduction Records and Imperial Household Orchestra on Scratch). Their new double-LP continues many of these threads and features contributions by friends from Seattle's vibrant music scene and beyond including Alan and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls ), Ko Ishikawa (master Japanese sho player), Greg Kelley (extended trumpet technique specialist), Porest (Sublime Frequencies' Mark Gergis), members of Kinski, Diminished Men, the A Frames, Dreamsalon, and more. The last official Climax Golden Twins release of new sounds was 2008's Journal of Popular Noise. In the years since, CGT composed the score to the film Chained (directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch in 2012), united with Seattle's A Frames to record a few LPs as AFCGT (including one on Sub Pop), released further Victrola Favorites cassettes and CDs, and continued to perform live. In addition, Jeffery Taylor plays with the improv outfits Hound Dog Taylor's Hand and Spider Trio, while Robert Millis has released solo recordings, pursued installation and sound art projects, plays with Idol Ko Si and has worked extensively with the Sublime Frequencies record label (producing Indian Talking Machine and Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road, in addition to films and compilations of music from Korea, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, and more).

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