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7" $6.00


PUR 024 

***“Sexy new platter from Philadelphia's only punk band. Yes, that A-Side is a cover of the Remo Voor tune. And they do wonders with it. It's not slathered in distortion and scuzz-bass as you might expect. No, it's more subtle, like a really muscular group finessing their way through a pop song. Still quite brassy, a little awkward at moments, yet very tastefully done. It's actually quite magical. You'll also be surprised to hear JOHN-JOHN actually sings a little bit on this one. On the flip side, fuck, it's back to business. ‘Early Man’ is a stunner reprised from the full length and features these three savages flinging shit at the walls of their cave, drenched in delay and blood. Once again Clockcleaner proves why they are the highest paid touring band on the circuit. Scums stats: only a few, make sure to buy in bulk. Ask for the limited Richard Charles Jr. signature model.”—Terminal Boredom

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