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Live Davenport, Iowa 1968

Contents Are, The

Live Davenport, Iowa 1968

Alona's Dream
LP $21.95

10/16/2020 712198573630 


CD $15.50

10/16/2020 712198573647 


***Previously unreleased live recording featuring unheard originals from 1960’s psychedelic legends THE CONTENTS ARE. “Until recently, The Contents Are were one of the great forgotten bands of the late 1960s midwestern psychedelic scene. After their masterpiece LP Through You was recorded the band went through their first evolution, switching out bass players LARRY SMITH for MICK ORTON. While honing their new group by hosting a series of live shows in their native Davenport, IA (they were one of the area’s leading draws by this point), CRAIG was recording the band’s sets using his Ampex two track tape recorder. This album is the result of those recordings. Drawn from his archive of live recordings, they represent the band not only finding their footing after adding a new member but also recording a series of live demos which were then shopped to various producers in the hopes of landing a recording deal and wound up being the catalyst that brought them to Jerry Milam’s Golden Voice Recording Co in South Pekin, IL. It was there they would record their second major album Four Each Other, which sat unreleased in the band’s archive until it was released via Golden Voice & Alona’s Dream in 2017, to much acclaim! These are more than just a collection of demos; they represent a band in between making an early psychedelic folk classic in their first album and an expansive acid rock evolution on their second album, with many original songs that were only ever played live. The listener can also hear a band who could keep a dancehall moving, a group as capable of being the evening’s entertainers as well as storytellers and poets in the studio.” These recordings were restored, carefully mastered and pressed into 160-gram vinyl. Housed in a heavy-duty classic style tip-on jacket including previously unseen pictures and informative liner notes. A rare nine song document of The Contents Are's expansive live sound. Intense jams for the psychedelic dancehall circa 1968 from these true legends of midwestern rock ’n roll.

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