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Purgatory's Reign

Crimson Relic

Purgatory's Reign

Dark Descent
CD $12.00

08/16/2019 616822135822 

DDR 207 CD 

Originally released in 1996 on Radiation Records (a Nuclear Blast label), Purgatory's Reign is a brilliant death / doom album now available on CD format once again. Used prices of this album can fetch a nice sum and rightfully so. Songs from this album were originally intended for the Divine Eve debut full-length after Xan Hammack relocated to California from Texas. He enlisted the help of Rhett Davis (Gravehill, Morgion) to complete the lineup on drums. The output is a pure, underrated classic. A true must-own. Vinyl version will be coming soon via Dark Descent Records. Layout carefully recreated from the original and the material has been carefully remastered by Ted Tringo at The Ancient Way Mastering.

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