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CD $13.75

01/31/2012 781484020622 

DC 206 CD 

LP+7" $17.25

01/31/2012 781484020615 

DC 206 

***Back from the abyss, DAMON & NAOMI with GHOST fills an empty space in the continuously flowering discography of Damon & Naomi. It was back in 1995 that DAMON KRUKOWSKI and NAOMI YANG first met Ghost. They felt an immediate kinship and soon plans were afoot to collaborate in some way—but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that they encountered MASAKI BATOH and MICHIO KURIHARA in the studio. The sonic trip they embarked upon was a revelation for all concerned. Alongside Kurihara’s singular guitar style, Batoh increased the peace in the mix, placing colorful and organic sounds within the dreamy conceptions of Damon & Naomi, mixing an ever-greater sense of deep space into the already massive songs. A shared sympathy for folk music informed the session as well. This in no way prefigured the back-to-folk movement of the coming decade, as the natural qualities of Damon & Naomi with Ghost exist out of time, today as then. It makes this record sound just as new today as it did old a decade or so back. This is part of the magic of Damon & Naomi with Ghost. In the years since then, Kurihara has become a part of Damon & Naomi, touring and playing with them on all their recordings. (STREET DATE - 1/31/2012)