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Hee Haw Hell
CD $13.00

03/06/2007 721616037227 


Considering today's Red State/Blue State dialectic, you'd think Alternative Tentacles, with our "San Francisco values", and a Southern-fried party band from Baton Rouge (which translates to "RED stick"), Louisiana would be like oil and water, an assumption that couldn't be more wrong! AT and DASH RIP ROCK continue the joint enterprise that began with their twenty-year retrospective Recyclone (Virus 329) in 2005 with Hee Haw Hell, an all new album by the undisputed kings of Southern country punk. Hee Haw Hell blows any stereotypes about Red staters, punks and country rockers out of the water with the genius of its conceit: it's a country punk opera based on...Dante's Inferno! With spoken parts and good ol' rock-n-roll, DASH RIP ROCK tells the story of Donkey's tour of Hell (populated by ghosts of LYNRD SKYNRD and hippie jam bands) with Ol' Virg. As if a country-punkifi ed version of a 14th century Italian epic poem isn't over the top, guest stars MOJO NIXON and JELLO BIAFRA, among others, guarantee that Hee Haw Hell will be a thespian and musical piece de resistance. If you can party to a Southern rock legend and learn about Dante by osmosis at the same time, then what you got there is called a win-win situation.