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LP $19.50

10/19/2018 781484072515 

DC 725 

CD $13.75

10/19/2018 781484072522 

DC 725 CD 

***DEAD RIDER TRIO FEATURING MR. PAUL WILLIAMS, while rife with intention, is an automatic/exquisite corpse four-car pile-up improvised in three different spaces at three different times. Basically, everybody involved was hearing it for the first time when they did it. Do you realize how hard that is? Put it this way, you’ll only have ONE chance in your life to hear this for the first time—and chances are, you won’t be playing an instrument when you do! Let’s assume that if you’re reading this, you got the Dead Rider part covered: three guys—MATT, TODD and WHITE CHRISTMAS—walking the crooked path of rock with a mutant gusto belonging to no one but Dead Rider. Three guys making a THICK-ASS sound, dipped in corrosive absinthe and still steaming from the bath; pulsing funkily, flashing blue desperate images! A truly urban music, streamlined with showbiz hands in quotes, to elevate the expression, and rock n roll’s future, if it weren’t dead already—but in Dead Rider’s ready grip, the merciless sounds of 2017’s Crew Licks stitched together an exceptional zombie prototype for today. Whipped up by the tour dates and promo cycle of Crew Licks, Dead Rider were feeling hot enough to jam, and just let the tape roll! This is where the intrepid Mr. Paul Williams came in. An occasional character in Todd’s life over the years, a ghostly presence back in Hamburg in the late '90s (when he was a hellbent tour driver with a dream of opening a midget race car circuit in England), he’s also been a producer, entrepreneur, manager and distributor of film, music, theater, literature and what have you, so long as it’s new. But he’s also a wild card, a madman bound to convince the people around him of something beautiful that exists only in his mind. Mr. Paul Williams thinks big, with no concern for the details, a living testament to the supernatural, transformational power of belief. This is his art.

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