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New End / Uncomfy

Dead Rider

New End / Uncomfy

Drag City
7" $6.00


DC 624 

***With glints mirroring off their gun-metal blue fenders, DEAD RIDER are roaring down the trail again. Hot off Chills on Glass and several feverish tours around America, they are returned, with a pair of songs to throw into the public’s yearning maw. On the A, they consider the late night thoughts of the insomniac, as he contemplates the endless parade of humanity who’ve passed through the very room in which he’s trying fruitlessly to sleep. How many of them were there? They who laid in this exact spot? Stared up at that exact crack? The room is empty now—or is it full of the spirits that keep echoing out from the shadows in the corners? Is that the doorknob...slowly turning? As sheets of black guitar reign all around, these are the thoughts you might have—when you are facing “New End.” The B-side features the post-apocalyptic B-boy trying to fight off boredom and a bellyache. And that’s enough said—the collapse of civilization has left only broken beats, hot magnetic pulses of rhythm and scraps of raps. It can get a bit “Uncomfy.” (STREET DATE - 3/24/2015)