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Demdike Stare


Modern Love
MP3 $1.98

08/26/2013 655035008707 

LOVE 087 

FLAC $2.99

08/26/2013 655035008707 


Proceeding missions into the no-mans-land of noise and jungle, Demdike Stare adopt a typically schizoid stance at House and Techno tempos on the 3rd Testpressing. Their A-side 'Eulogy' is a square bass devotional to the soul of deep Chicago and Detroit house, most notably the magic of Mr Fingers and Terrence Dixon. A constantly morphing, Escher-like bassline folds in and out of itself, accented with offset kicks and washed out with effervescent, barely-there synth strokes. It's lip-smacking sunset/sunrise gear and a perfect set-up for the flipside shocker. Destined to become a classic in Demdike's canon, 'Dyslogy' comes off like an early 'Waveform Transmission' or H&M bomb spanked by Anthony Shakir; an evil, droning intro ratchets the tension for martial kicks and darkcore chords before a feral breakbeat romps loose like the spirit of '93 unchained. They really don't make 'em like this any moreā€¦


  1. #1 Eulogy


  2. #2 Dyslogy