Oblivians Desperation


Formats Available

Label # ITR 238 LPUPC 759718523812
Street DateMay 28th, 2013
Label # ITR 238 CDUPC 759718523829
Street DateMay 28th, 2013
Label # UPC 759718523829
Street DateMay 28th, 2013

In The Red is proud to announce the release of The Oblivians’ first studio full-length album from since 1997’s ...Play Nine Songs with Mr. Quintron. 

Desperation picks up right where the band left off, delivering fourteen scorching tracks of soulful punk-garage-blues trash rock informed in equal parts by ’50s rock ’n’ roll, ’60s garage rock, Memphis soul, Delta blues and Killed By Death-style punk. There’s even a Cajun Zydeco cover here! 

As Greg Oblivian puts it, “Between our last record as a band in ’97 and now, a lot of water has passed below that bridge. We three went our own ways after that and pursued our own musical goals. Personally, I often missed the dynamic that Jack and Eric offered to my songwriting. Almost as much as I missed being given carte blanche to add a thing or two to theirs. I’ve played with lots of great musicians in the interim but needless to say, it’s a hard itch to scratch. The dynamic between us was a singular thing. So, over the years as we would occasionally reunite for a festival or special occasion, the idea began to grow in the back of my mind—the idea of making a new record. I mean, if you’re going to keep playing as a band eventually you’ll want new songs to play. Because as much as we enjoyed playing together the thing I missed the most was creating together. So that’s what we did.”


  1. #1 I'll Be Gone
  2. #2 Loving Cup
  3. #3 Em
  4. #4 Woke Up In A Police Car
  5. #5 Call The Police
  6. #6 Pinball King
  7. #7 Run For Cover
  8. #8 Come A Little Closer
  9. #9 Little War Child
  10. #10 Fire Detector
  11. #11 Oblivion
  12. #12 Back Street Hangout
  13. #13 Desperation
  14. #14 Mama Guitar
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