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Make Room
LP $17.50

11/08/2019 767870658617 

GO 72 LP 

CD $9.50

11/08/2019 767870658228 

GO 72 CD 

MC $7.75


GO 72 MC 

Destroy Boys is an Oakland-based, female-fronted, melodic punk band founded in 2015. Make Room showcases the duo’s growth as songwriters and musicians with Vi Mayugba’s driving sonic guitar creating a raw, gritty canvas for Alexia Roditis’s ethereal, haunting, and sometimes comical vocals. A raucously introspective road trip to early adulthood, with the feeling of a cross between Blondie and Tragic Kingdom-era No Doubt. Destroy Boys are the perfect soundtrack for slaying the patriarchy or going skating with friends. They recently completed a tour with Mannequin Pussy (Epitaph Records) in September and are slated to head out with Face to Face and Lagwagon in late October.

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