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7" $6.00


DC 554 

***After DOPE BODY Body took the trip to sonic heavin’ that was Natural History, they flashed that all that glitters is not gold all of the time—and so, they’re trippin’ back to the ghutto with these two new songs. Refocusing on the sonic principles that they were striving for when they got their tight-ass sloppy shit together in the first place, the “Saturday” single is a snapped shot of a band taking care of business in lean, road dog stance, ready to fuck or run, whatever happens first. A feculent mist hangs in the air, obscuring fine details and taking a bit of edge from things—which is good because the power-trio-plus-singer that makes Dope Body is like, mostly all elbows and nails and split ends and bone shards and narrow-eyed sideways shades that cut like a knife, scoring the skin and hurting at the things underneath. Even the bass, rumblous and low as it is, is delineated with a serration that punches through the smoke from the guitar amplifier, the drums and screaming. Everyone tumbles together into the chorus like a sudden lucky cave-in, everything falling exactly where it should, and you will know this. (STREET DATE - 3/19/2013)