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Two X Two
12" $14.50


Khaliphonic 14 

***Bristol’s DUBKASM is an absolute pillar of the worldwide roots, dub, and sound system movement. In fact it’s hard to imagine the contemporary UK dub scene without them. Massive releases on Peng! Sound, Bristol Archive, ZamZam, and especially their own Sufferah’s Choice and Dubkasm labels have made Stryda & Digistep household names among lovers of contemporary sound system reggae. Holding down and forwarding traditional dubplate culture for 25 years now, “Two X Two” showcases two slices of two different tunes and demonstrates why they are among the world’s most beloved groups, a link back to the elder generations of Bristol sound, and a beacon to the younger. “Discipline,” presented in two pieces, cuts to the chase with a massive, relentless, fully saturated digital bassline blasting straight into the future of dubwise. No surprise that it has a ‘Year 3000’ vibe, as it was, in STRYDA's words “originally built for Iration Steppas to run at Teachings In Dub against his pupil Sinai Sound. Opening with a beautifully resonant piano figure, “The Key” featuring ASHANTI SELAH is a propulsive steppers, also presented in two pieces, this one with a galloping live-drums feel, DIGI's sax surfacing majestically through the flurry of syndrum and rim shots. Strictly limited to 600 copies for the world.