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Exploded Globes: An Annotated Collection Of Posters 1999-2016

Dwyer, John

Exploded Globes: An Annotated Collection Of Posters 1999-2016

Castle Face
BK $40.00

06/02/2017 9781532333217 

CF 056 

For the very first Castle Face book — a selection from the dusty vaults of John Dwyer’s prodigious poster output! Bold, brash, lovingly imperfect prints embellished with some stories of the nights in question as told by the man himself…don’t miss out on this or your coffee table will never forgive you. 
From the introduction: 
“In this book, in no particular order, are the handbills, fliers and posters I’ve made since 1999 or so to present. The style doesn’t vary all that much…similar content…but I think I’ve gotten slowly better over all these years…I’m still a bit too impatient of a person to make “perfect” prints…but I think part of that is my style: a mess sometimes. 
Nothing wrong with that. 
I’m really not a huge fan of the typical rock poster. 
It can be a tedious format to look at, especially after years of playing shows and a million posters, so I try to make something from a bit of a different place. 
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy, maybe you were at one of these shows? 
Maybe you thought, who made this shit poster? 
It was me.” —John Dwyer