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SGG 087 

***Ecology: HomeStones is a mysterious audio-visual project, allegedly created by The FPPC, an organization whose sole known member is Philadelphia-based sculptor and video director, Dylan Pecora. On the strength of a series of short, mesmerizing video clips, depicting an alternate world of pulsating flesh entities, strange fluids, and shadowy characters, set to a soundtrack of caustic noise, E:HS wormed its way into our subconscious, where it now resides (un)comfortably. Confounding, grotesque, and playful, Ecology: HomeStones' short films and accompanying soundtracks suggest an elaborate order of arcane processes and corporeal obsessions, calling to mind the works of Matthew Barney, Hermann Nitsch, and David Lynch, among others. (Those familiar with Pecora's work will see the artist’s fingerprints all over this; their credits include helping create props, creatures, and puppets for a wide range of highly visible media outlets, corrupting minds in plain sight, as well as birthing wonderfully surreal music videos in the underground for like-minded artists (see the Hyrrokkin & Merzbow video work for SGG, for example.) As evidenced by "Mothername" (and its accompanying short film) and the other tracks on the new self-titled album, Ecology: HomeStones carries megatons of ominous weight, even when the audio is separated from the fascinating visuals. The tracks pulse and squelch gloriously—collages of bizarre voices, gentle tones, hypnotic rhythms, soaring melodies, and distorted mayhem, structured for maximum impact. A perplexing work that is also quite enjoyable, Ecology: HomeStones' self-titled album will delight those already in tune with this project, but also stands alone, out of context, as a compelling slab of anthemic, industrial-strength noise. “Ecology: HomeStones is an absurdist-industrial noise project following the dramatization of past and future events concerning the mutilation of eight carrot farmers, all coincidentally named Robert. The organization behind this fantasy, The FPPC, is on a mission to provide you with the information you need for a fast and enjoyable recovery." "Their live shows are memorable to say the least, with animatronic puppets flanking them, really creating an atmosphere. The visuals really lend themselves to the crunchy, rhythmic, somehow narrative, noise explorations."—anonymous satisfied witness