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Greatest Hits
CD $18.95

12/02/2016 4015698008364 

POTOMAK 133952 CD 

2XLP $50.50

12/02/2016 4015698008371 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN have discovered sounds beyond the pain barrier, the beauty of dissonance and the aesthetics of the scrapyard. They are regarded as the most important engines in the development of new musical strategies; Hardly another German band has characterized the music landscape as lastingly. Their influence on the music world was, and is, as great as their timeless character. Once fully set in motion in the early 1980s, Einstürzende Neubauten have pressed on regardless. The earliest track here is a newly mixed version of "Haus Der Lüge," the title track of their 1989 album Haus Der Lüge, except it's now adorned with freshly recorded trombone and string parts, which the group wanted on the original but couldn't afford, so had to use synth simulations instead. Five tracks are taken from their 2000 album Silence Is Sexy. During the 2000s, Einstürzende Neubauten's resourcefulness extended beyond the stage and the recording studio into the economics of alternative music practice. Two Greatest Hits tracks, "Dead Friends (Around The Corner)" and "Ein Leichtes Leises Säuseln," originated on their Supporters Album #1 (2003), which in publicly modified form became Perpetuum Mobile (Mute, 2004). Now as then as always, declares Greatest Hits's newest track "How Did I Die," "The difference makes the song".

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