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Single 2011
7" $5.80



***ELECTRIC BLOOD was ROBERT SCOTT’s (THE CLEAN and THE BATS) first band. Formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1977, the group revolved around Mr. Scott and his brother ANDREW. According to Robert, Electric Blood was a couple of musicians (Robert and Andrew) “playing along with a few guys who were living up the road; they were sort of non-musicians. It was a band that really evolved around me learning how to write songs and trying to get these other guys to join in and make a band of some kind.” Electric Blood played sporadically throughout most of the ‘80s. Robert would release the band’s material through his Every Secret Thing cassette label; the albums were typically recorded over the course of a day at a Dunedin rehearsal space. (In 1994 the American label Beehive Rebellion reissued Electric Blood‟s 1984 cassette Electric Easter on CD. Single 2011 is the first Electric Blood vinyl release). “Pennsylvania” first appeared on the 1982 cassette Ohio; “Window Sill”, “Match”, and “Bumble Bee” appeared on Electric Easter. Although the band started from humble beginnings, Electric Blood would eventually incorporate multi-instrumentalist Alastair Galbraith on some of their later recordings, and one Electric Blood track (“Earwig”) eventually turned up on an early Bats EP. Single 2011 showcases a young Robert Scott developing his skills as a songwriter, and will be of particular interest to fans of Kiwi pop.

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