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Peach Puree
12" $20.35


CLR 07 

***Elle Barbara is a Montreal-based avant-garde singer-songwriter, multidisciplinary artist and performer, whose musical output alternately combines elements of soul, sophisti-pop, psychedelia, glam, and underground. A lover of the odd, dark, or overlooked elements in popular music, Elle Barbara rose from artist-run spaces at the turn of the 2010s and has seen their work soar to enduring acclaim—in a career whose highlights encompass duets with Sean Nicholas Savage, Laetita Sadier, and R. Stevie Moore. In recent years, Barbara's efforts mainly centered around TGLBQ+ community organizing, including Taking What We Need (a grassroots group whose mission is to grant discretionary funds to low income trans women) and Montreal's nascent ballroom scene—as Mother of the House of Barbara, whose afrocentric and transdisciplinary practice involves art and activism. Elle Barbara's Black Space on the other hand, is a musical formation that boasts excellence in the likes of Markus Lake and Mitch Holtby, and works to defy black stereotypes, ever present in numerous spaces. Following a noted turn in her self-directed Si j'étais un homme video in 2020, Elle Barbara is further laying foundations to resume a music career halted by her socio-medical transition, with the firm resolve to live up to the cult status she acquired since. Numbered edition of 200.

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