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Love Across Light Years


Love Across Light Years

Accident Prone
LP $15.50


AP 040 

***ELROND is VERN AVOLA (AVOLA, EMS, DEAD, BEAR SPRAY, ex-PRIZEHOG, etc.) and IAN GORMAN WEILAND (ex-ANTECESSOR, HOT VICTORY, MISTY MOUNTAINS). The duo uses '90s hardware and analog synths to channel otherworldly energy, creating harsh, beautiful soundscapes and melodies that explore ideas of love, friendship and space. Love Across Light Years is a sonic adventure in synth worship that feels like the soundtrack to an alien invasion amidst the apocalypse, except the goal of these extraterrestrial beings is to anoint this electronic duo as captains of their ship, calling aboard all who wish to follow, blasting off into space for the ultimate end-of-the-world dance quest. For fans of Oneohtrix Point Never and Tangerine Dream. First edition of 330 copies each pressed as a unique one-of-a-kind color variant. Beautiful artwork by Avola. Includes a download.

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