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Season Of Risk
7" $6.75


NNF 246 

MP3 $2.97

07/03/2012 655035024677 


***Among the legions of bands we’ve worked with that have died natural (or unnatural) deaths, MYTHICAL BEAST was a particularly lament-worthy casualty. Fortunately phoenixes rise, creative energies get repurposed and reharnessed, and what’s gone is not always lost. So it is that singer/kettle drummer CORINNE SWEENEY and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist JEREMIAH COWLIN abandoned Philly for the Nowheresville of Coyote, New Mexico to live off the grid with other address-less culture renegades and be reborn as post-apocalyptic grunge-drone doom-soul duo ETHER ISLAND. A Side opener “Season Of Risk” corrals a mud-flood of thick tectonic shred over a buried beat, Sweeney’s vox tearing through in hot red flashes like a prairie flash fire (tonally, it’s total 4-Track Demos-era PJ, raw and sensual). “Be Light” vibrates more vertically, rising like a smoke signal, a threatening cloud of raga strings and delay-stretched witch-blues vox. “Black Wind Way” deathmarches across the entirety of the B, plodding like a dying mule over parched plains, tremolo guitar hatcheting down, a single funereal organ melody threading over the sands and into the silence. Three singular statements from two old favorites on this one perfect nomad-psych slab. Black vinyl 7 inches in color-photocopied covers, with art/design by EL. Edition of 325.


  1. #1 Season of Risk


  2. #2 Be Light


  3. #3 Black Wind (Way)


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