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7" $5.40


NNF 177 

***“We had heard a couple cassette outings by this Bloomington young-bloomer over the last 4-6 months and each one hit us better than the last but nothing had prepped us for DYLAN ETTINGER’s most recent evolution into neon skyline chase scene soundtracker and that’s part of what makes it so amazing. For “Smokin’‚” he wrangled together a small posse of close comrades (enter THE HEAT) and tracked a sick session of smoky synth themes, Corvette noir moods, echo dystopia, faded voices, and sleazy Miami sax. The A, “Smokin’,” is the more ballad-y of the pair, sad and smooth, just fired-from-the-force, midnight cruising on the strip, no one to call. The B, “Miami Heat (The Stakeout),” amps the tension, camera zooming in over palm trees and blue-lit swimming pools, a deco mansion on the coast, the place is surrounded, the heat is on, all that. A cool sleaze-psych vision, sickly executed, by a rad fresh energy from the underground. Fingers are crossed there‚s more where this came from. Black-vinyl 7 inches, plus a photocopied insert, in full-color sleeves with art by NNF.”—Britt (NNF). Edition of 380.


  1. #1 Smokin'

  2. #2 Miami Heat (The Stakeout)

  3. #3 Bringin' The Heat (Bonus track)

  4. #4 Cancer (Bonus track)

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