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Siege Column / Evil
7" $9.75



***NOW AVAILABLE ON 7-INCH VINYL!!! As label mates on Nuclear War Now!, EVIL (Japan) and SIGE COLUMN released their debut full-lengths under its banner in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Upon hearing Evil’s album, Rites of Evil, JOE AVERSARIO of Siege Column was so impressed that he asked YK Insulter of NWN! about the possibility of releasing a split recording of the two bands. Both bands and the label agreed, and the result is this five-song split EP of metal mayhem and diabolism. Each band resumes where it recently left off, with a contribution very much in the same vein as on previous recordings. Evil’s three tracks combine the aggressive precision reminiscent of early Teutonic thrash with the unhinged fury of Sarcófago and its Brazilian contemporaries. Siege Column complements these with two offerings of barbaric death metal that obliterate all that somehow managed to survive the initial onslaught. The lethality of each member of this alliance is compounded by their joint inclusion, resulting in a split EP that confirms the merits of the format when properly executed.

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