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From Coalinga To Osaka: Live In Japan 1995

Faxed Head

From Coalinga To Osaka: Live In Japan 1995

Web Of Mimicry
DVD $13.00

10/14/2008 678033303490 

WOM 034 

From Coalinga To Osaka documents the pride of Coalinga, CA in all their self-handicapped, brain-damaged glory. Beautifully shot on three cameras during Faxed Head's improbable 1995 tour of Japan, the live footage of this self-proclaimed "desk metal" quartet is interspersed with baffling but authentic footage of a Japanese junior high school class where the students are instructed on the subject of... Faxed Head! In addition to the electronics- and mayhem-heavy 1995 Osaka set, the DVD includes bonus live footage of a reconstituted (and much more metal-sounding) Faxed Head on tour in Canada in 2001. And, for the true fan, a 45-minute long hidden "Easter egg" showcases an entire concert by Faxed Head's long-time nemesis, pitiful Coalinga-area boogie-blues idiots The Bon Larvis Band. 
This strange and wonderful DVD is a surefire seller to fans of Mr. Bungle, Neil Hamburger, and Caroliner--all acts with which Faxed Head has long been associated, for reasons that are not clear. Faxed Head's devoted fan-base remains hungry for product, as health problems have prevented the band from any activity since 2001's Chiropractic CD. 
"From between the smiling, spilling oil derricks of Coalinga hobbles a severely damaged new extreme of metal. While most bands only play at looking to death for answers, the five 'desk metallers' in Faxed Head have already tasted the end, and have returned looking uncomfortably hideous and pathetic. Crippled, isolated and uneducated, these dedicated misfits have everything working against them.... His head a mottled morass of tangled hair and misshapen features, McPatrick Head roars like a shackled beast from his wheeled silver cage. Jittering noise electronics and confusion corrupt the guitarists' distorted speed and doom stylings, creating a sick level of havoc and mayhem that is dragged along by La Brea Tar Pits Head's marching beat." 
--Metal Maniacs Magazine