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Live In San Francisco

Feral Ohms

Live In San Francisco

Castle Face
LP $19.00

11/25/2016 814867022538 


CD $12.00

11/25/2016 814867022514 

CF 082 CD 

MP3 $5.94

11/25/2016 814867022538 

CF 082 LP 

FLAC $6.99

11/04/2016 814867022514 


The white-hot set of Live In San Francisco not only features Feral Ohms’ shaggy guitar heroics captured directly to ferromagnetic medium for your grokking, but also happens to be their debut record. From zero to vertical from the get of the set, the ’Ohms muscle this one out fast and hot, featuring Ethan Miller of Howlin Rain, Comets On Fire and recent psych-folk breakouts Heron Oblivion. 
Miller gives free rein to his most pyro-psycho-technic guitar fancies, not to mention a full-throated demon-worthy wail, with Chris Johnson on drums (previously of Drunk Horse and currently of Andy Human and the Reptoids) full MC5 style with freight train pummel, with rides so heavy in the mix it sounds like early Damned. Josh Haynes (of the unGoogle-able Nudity) is a total forehead smacker on bass as he bi-amps a filthy sound while wearing some weirdo humility leather strap face harness—it’s just dirty. 
“Teenage God Born To Die” indeed. Expect great things from them and this concise set is just long enough to get a dander up for a proper full length, set for release on Ethan’s Silver Current label in 2017. In the meantime, keep an eye out for their live shows and don’t forget the ear plugs, they’ll singe your minge...


  1. #1 Love Damage


  2. #2 Early Man


  3. #3 Teenage God Born To Die


  4. #4 Value On The Street


  5. #5 Super Ape


  6. #6 The Glow